While the phrase “home improvement” often conjures up images of people cutting back on kitchen and bathroom fittings, it is possible to find alternative projects you can consider for home improvement, even if your budget is tight. Instead of spending a fortune on custom-made furniture, opt for what you already have at home or perhaps make a purchase at a good price.

Even if you don’t have the right tools to carry out a project, and you are sure you can do it yourself, think again. Many homeowners are shocked when their own tools become rusty after a year or so in storage. A cheap hammer, a pocket knife, a bottle of water, a screwdriver, and some staples can give you the assistance you need.

Bedroom — If you spend your entire day lounging around your bed, this area can be improved with decorating. Invest in a bedspread and curtains and make a few tweaks to your bedroom furniture. You will be surprised how easy it is to transform your bedroom.

Bathroom — Another area which suffers from common mistakes, and can be improved with a little effort. Install a floor, install a bathtub and you will have an attractive new looking bathroom.

Living Room — This room suffers from a shortage of space, but the atmosphere it gives can be improved with a few improvements. Install a fireplace, and add some decorative lights.

Entertainment room — Even though you don’t need to buy new furniture, installing new items into the room will add interest and drama. Try a small table for magazines, as well as a few bookshelves to accommodate your collection.

Lounge/Dining room — One area where we often forget to improve is the living room. Even if you don’t spend much time in this room, there is no reason you should not make some improvements here. Install a built-in coffee table, and make some nice changes to the furniture you have.

Kitchen — In many cases, the kitchen is the most overlooked room in a home. However, it is the only place where people can get together to make meals, talk over a coffee, or maybe prepare and bake a cake.

Carpet — This is the way you want your carpet to look. Whether you choose carpet in the room or add a new one, it is important to take measurements and to ensure that you measure the area you intend to cover.

Bar/Dining room — When you are having a party, this room often becomes a place where there are lots of people, so it is important to make it comfortable and easy to access. Invest in some nice bar stools and place them in the room, or maybe a buffet table to hold plates and cutlery.

Bedroom — The bathroom is a room that may require a bit more thought. But remember, if your bedroom is poorly designed, the room you spend most of your time may look badly designed, too.

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