Why One Web Page At a Time?

Your website probably represents a number of sections, or pages, not just one page. You just never know which page will be a success or a heavy hitter.

For this simple reason, you should promote every web page of your site individually.

Which Pages Should I Promote First?

Your main pages should be first in promotions. Some of your main pages may be your:


navigation pages

articles menu page

resources page

sales presentation page

order information page


These pages should be first and foremost in promotions because these are the pages that will most likely keep the interest of your visitors and/or bring sales results. But, you don’t want to leave the other pages out of the picture entirely. Visitors coming to ANY page of your website helps!

How To Promote Your Web Pages

Below I’ve lost several of the most effective ways to promote your web pages. Do the following with each web page for maximum results.

1. Personalized MetaTags for Each Web Page

Each time you create a new web page for your site, be sure to insert metatags (keywords, title, and description) for each individual page. Customize your metatags for the page you’re working on. For example, if you’re creating a web page for web design articles, some of your keywords may be…

“web design articles, web development articles, web page creation articles, web building articles, etc..”

Inserting metatags is very critical for the next two steps you’re about to take with the search engines.

2. List Each Web “Page” With the Free Search Engines

This is a simple and free task that can turn into giant traffic for you.

The free search engines are still the number one way most surfers find websites. By listing each of your web pages with the free search engines, you’ll highly increase your website listing placement.

3. Paid Search Engines

The paid search engines are a great way to bring targeted visitors to your website, and for as little as a penny each. Proven to work!

4. Ezine Advertising

Ezine Advertising also opens up the opportunity to reach your target audience. You’re able to choose the ezines in which to place your ads and you can control and test your ads. This is a great way to promote your website without wasting your advertising dollars.

Each time you build a new page or “section” on your site, place an ad directly to your new page in a related ezine. Go to the page and find something “free” and useful (potential visitors need a reason to visit your page).

The four above techniques have helped build traffic to my website tremendously. They are cost-efficient and they really work. Give them a try!

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