You will find the usual causes of acne are all over the place. Although there is no cure for acne, there are several methods for treating it effectively and helping you get your confidence back.

One of the first things that people say about acne is that it is caused by poor hygiene and this is a big misconception. No matter how clean you are, bacteria in our pores and that is where they produce the acne.

Not eating correctly is a primary reason for acne. Eating the wrong foods such as fatty foods and sugar can create a hormonal imbalance. This can cause hormonal changes that cause acne to erupt or to remain in the skin.

You may find that the reason your skin is so oily is because of the types of products you use and also that if you try to wash your face too much you will cause more oil to be produced which can cause acne. There are some products out there that have a light oil cleanser in them. It is important to read the instructions before using them.

Some of the over the counter treatments for acne can cause side effects, so you should avoid those types of treatments. That is why it is important to use only the best acne treatment to remove all of the skin problems and pimples. You should first start with skin exfoliation and scrubbing and go from there.

Using lotions or creams that contain benzoyl peroxide can cause allergic reactions in the person who has it. It can also cause irritation to the eyes and to the skin. It can actually damage the blood vessels in the body and affect the heart and lungs.

Alcohol can also be a common cause of acne. Many people use these to soothe their skin by rubbing it on, and it is not a good idea to do this because it can actually dry the skin out. It can also cause drying of the skin, burning, and it can really make the skin look worse.

Causes of acne also include hormones. Hormones are released during adolescence that causes the skin to have more oil, so it is not surprising that the skin has more oil when the body is at this stage. A lot of teenagers make sure to use lotions and creams on their acne to make sure that the acne does not turn into the blackheads that are caused by hormonal problems.

If you are prone to acne, and you see that your face is extremely oily, then you should avoid heavy makeup and excessive skin. The use of makeup can be too much because it contains several products that have irritants, and they can further irritate the skin and cause the acne to become worse.

Another factor that causes acne is washing the skin too much. People tend to wash their skin too much, and it can cause irritation and bacteria to thrive and develop into pimples. If you are going to wash your face too much, you should wash it twice a day and not once or twice a day because it will cause dryness and breakouts.

Treatment for acne is the same for everyone. Just like learning how to prevent your acne from occurring, it is important to learn how to treat it so that it will not become a problem in the future.