Have you heard about the adventures in Virginia white water rafting? We hear about the historical points in Virginia, but very little about white water rafting. A few great places in the area are the James River and the Flathead River; both have excellent adventures for white water rafting.

Looking around the area, you have areas for the beginner or the experienced white water rafting enthusiasts. Some areas even have somewhat calmer waters for the relaxing float down the river. Virginia white water rafting adventures reach the Blue Ridge Mountains down to the Piedmont region for so many adventures.

One of the most popular areas remains the James River and people make reservations well ahead of time. If you need to have the ultimate experience, the James River white water rafting trip is for you. The rapids are fast and the waters are fierce, but you will surely experience a great and magnificent adventure. The James River is over seven miles long with some class II and class IV rapids for the adventurous white water rafters to enjoy. Virginia white water rafting adventures need to be experienced by anyone who wants memories of a lifetime.

With the mountains and the gorges, some people often forget about the adventures in white water rafting in the area. If you are looking for some class I or class IV rapids, you might consider the western area or try the central areas in Virginia. If you are a beginner, you will want to try a class I rapids, which offers the newbie wanting to try the Virginia white water rafting adventure. The rapids for those starting out should be smoother for the beginner than some class II rapids that offer a rougher ride.

You will never have an experience like the Virginia white water rafting experience anywhere else but Virginia. If you need some location details, look on the internet for some great information and some awesome pictures. You need to know some safety guidelines and what gear you will need for the rapids before you go on your adventure.

Although the inflatable kayaks are great, there is also the hard shell kayak that people use for white water rafting as well. Some people use a raft to float down the river towards the rushing rapids and this type of river raft requires a great deal of experience before trying. You can always have fun with white water rafting boats no matter which one you choose to experience your voyage in down the river.