How much confidence does your business website project? Do customers view you as confident enough to consider trusting you?

There is a danger in being either too confident or exuding a lack of confidence.

Some sites can come across as too brash and frighten customers away. This type of site is generally reflective of high-pressure sales tactics often used in face-to-face sales efforts.

Some sites can be too timid. They have some information, but there is never a call to action and the customer is left wondering what they are supposed to do with your site.

In both scenarios, you will likely weaken the potential traffic flow to your site. Why? Customers neither like to be led by the nose nor do they like feeling as if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

You should always frame information about your business and products in positive, but truthful terms. If you make a big claim about your product you should be prepared to have the notion challenged and be able to back up your claim.

You should also be prepared to resist leading your customers in favor of supplying a specific call to action (i.e. let’s get started, what are you waiting for? Etc.).

Sometimes pushy sites are designed that way out of a sense of desperation. The feeling is that if they can rush somebody to the checkout stand their business might be able to survive, but frankly this tactic is shortsighted and negatively affects long-term sales.

On the other hand, when a site does not provide a call to action the customer is left in limbo as to what you expect or even where to go next. The call to action can be linkable to help your customer move on to the next step in the process. This link could be tied to your available products, shopping cart, or knowledge-based content.

What I am talking about is something akin to Goldie Locks tasting the bear’s porridge. One is too hot, one is too cold and another approach is just right. In fact, the porridge that was just right was what prompted Goldie to stay and explore the bear’s humble abode.

It’s the same idea with your web design. If you avoid making it to hot or too cold you might just give your site visitors a good reason to enjoy the first page and stick around for some more.

Web designs are important not just in how it looks, but also in what you say and how you say it.

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