When planning to host a wine tasting party, it’s important to remember that there’s no exact formula regarding the kind of wine that guests will enjoy. Each individual has his or her own wine preferences, and it’s perfectly alright if not everyone enjoys the same wine.

What are the factors to consider in hosting a wine tasting get-together?

1. Type of wine that should be served

The host can serve various kinds of each wine, or only one can be chosen. If the plan is to serve different kinds of wine, the sparkling kind should go first since it tickles the taste buds. The general rule is to start with the light ones before moving on to the full-bodied wines.

2. Theme that will accompany the party

For instance, if the host plans to serve an all-French wine selection, then the other stuff that should be used for the occasion should also be French, or at least resemble something that is French, in order to put guests in the mood.

3. Way to serve the wine

Temperature is of the essence. Room temperature will do for red wines, but white wines will require at least a couple of hours of chilling. Put wine in the glasses and let it sit, the appropriate amount would be 1 1/2 ounces. Wines should be served with the right glasses. Big, glasses that are bowl-shaped should be used for red wines to heighten aroma and flavor, while small, curved ones are for white wines to help maintain the chill.

4. Food needed for the occasion

Many people want small snacks to go with their wine. Cheese is a staple food in wine tasting parties.

5. The right way to enjoy the party

Always bear in mind that wine tasting is an occasion that involves a majority of the senses: taste, smell, and sight. Glasses should be lifted towards the light before the first sip to ensure that there are brilliance and clarity to the color of the wine. Then slightly swirl the liquid around the glass so that the aroma will release as the air mixes with the wine. Next, smell the wine, before taking a sip. Make sure to savor the taste of the wine in the mouth, then determine its palatability.

Hosting the perfect wine party shouldn’t be any trouble at all. Remember that tasting wine is an enjoyment of the senses, and it should be savored fully for the total experience.