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Here’s How To Break Your Bad Habits

There are lots of bad habits and lots of ways to break them. If you need help, there are books, support groups, and counselors to help you. Mostly you can take a common-sense approach and get the job done. If bragging is one of your bad habits, you could either be insecure or overly proud. …

Self Help

Adult ADHD – How to Improve Your Communication Skills

If you’re someone with adult ADD or ADHD, how often do you have circular conversations? You know the kind. You go ’round and ’round with someone, and you’re both saying the exact same thing, but you can’t make yourself understood? Isn’t that frustrating? Is it possible for someone AD/HD to have less stress in their …

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Self Help

10 Ways to Kick the Procrastination Habit

A survey (by the University of Chicago) suggested that those who relish challenge are more likely to live up to 10 years longer than those who spend their lives inhibited by lack of motivation. Trying to realize our ambitions, even if we don’t always meet them, is preferable to not having the courage or motivation …

Self Help

Top 3 Secrets To Make You Superior

1. If What You Are Doing Is Not Working, Change Your Approach. When I was in school I always had a small group of close friends, but I never found it easy meeting new people. By the time I reluctantly entered the workforce it was clear that my communication skills were limiting my progress. The …