what is a keto diet

There’s some confusion about exactly what the keto diet really is. Just like other healthy diets, this is one that you can use to get rid of extra pounds – including belly fat that affects your organs.

Keto has become synonymous with rapid weight loss, allowing people to eat plenty of fat and protein yet still lose weight!

But there are restrictions on what you can eat, so some may feel like they can’t stick to it without a proper plan.

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Lose Weight Fast on a Keto Diet

There are several reasons why the keto diet continues to stand out from all the other diets that you can follow. One of the reasons is that the keto diet offers fast weight loss, which is something that’s not usually attributed to a high fat diet such as this one.

Research on the diet has shown that not only will it help you take off the weight you want to lose quickly, but you’re more likely to keep it off for years to come. Unlike traditional low carb diets, the keto diet helps you get rid of body fat quickly.

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regular diet vs keto diet

Part of the reason behind this is because the keto diet puts you in ketosis, which not only lowers glucose levels, but helps the body to be able to correctly use the insulin that’s produced.

Because you enter into ketosis, the body uses energy differently. The number of carbs consumed on the diet are low so that the body can’t use carbs for the production of energy.

Instead, it has to rely on ketones. This process is what pushes the body into fat burning mode, so will you see a lot of fast weight loss on a keto eating plan.

This is why the diet is not only popular, but also recommended for people who have a lot of weight to lose. It’s also recommended for people who have a lot of weight that’s causing health problems.

Being overweight can cause issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes. For those who are obese, those extra pounds can cause problems such as cardiovascular issues or difficulty being able to get around.

To protect you from health complications as well as to improve mobility, losing a lot of weight quickly can help you achieve a better quality of life.

Something that often concerns people when they start a new diet, is whether you will be able to eat enough to satisfy your hunger.

On the keto diet, you’ll be eating foods like protein and healthy fats that are filling, satisfying and help to suppress your appetite.

Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan

The simplicity of this diet makes it popular and easy to do.

Is a Keto Diet Safe?

You might need to lose weight and you have a desire to get healthy. But you wonder if keto is a safe diet plan for you. The answer to that is to make an appointment and check with your doctor, since no two people are exactly alike.

You may have health issues that make keto a poor option for you. But for most people, keto is a safe, fast and effective way to take off weight and reduce the health risks associated from carrying excess pounds.

In studies that were done, it showed that the keto diet has lots of benefits to offer. One is that the diet can help people lose weight. Some people struggle to shed pounds on traditional low carb diets, but staying overweight causes more damage to their health.

But they may have a lot of weight to lose. So they end up looking at the big picture, thinking they’ll never be able to take off that much weight in a short period of time. They get discouraged and end up chasing one diet after another with poor results.

Because the keto diet takes off weight quickly, you are able to see a difference in the way you feel, in the way your clothes fit and in your appearance. Since you can see these changes quickly, it encourages you to keep trying.

As you lose the weight, you gain a lot of extra health perks – such as lowered blood pressure. You also bringing glucose levels back into the normal range if you’re a diabetic.

Cholesterol levels get lowered on the keto diet, which improves heart health. Not only does the diet lower the bad cholesterol, but it also raises the good. It’s a safe diet to choose because – even though there’s a low number of daily carbs in order to hit ketosis, the foods that you’ll eat are healthy ones that benefit the body.

Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan

You’ll eat the right kind of nutrients. You’ll be giving your body the nutrition that it needs to stay healthier, to fight off illnesses faster and to boost your immune system. Keto foods are ones that are good for you.

The diet allows people to eat real foods, rather than having to choose box meal plans that are high in everything bad for you. You can make meals around the foods you enjoy and yet still end up losing weight.

Because you get to eat a lot – even with the lower carb amount – people end up feeling more satisfied, which is safer than following diets that allow for more carbs but are stricter with nutritional value.

Why Choose a Custom Plan?

Choosing to implement the keto diet in your life can change your body for the better. But in order to implement it, you have to know how to customize a keto plan that’s going to work for you.

The best way to do that is to not rely on guesswork and not waste time fumbling around trying to figure the diet out. Instead, get the Custom Keto Diet and know what you need to do from the very first day.

Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan

This meal program can teach you how to embrace the keto way of eating in a way that removes all the trial and error aspects of the changes you’ll need to make. You’ll be able to follow the meal program and eat in a way that will overhaul your health for the better.

If you want to have a nice, juicy steak, then that’s exactly what you can have. What’s important about following the diet is getting into ketosis. You can’t do that unless you know exactly which steps to take.

You have to hit ketosis in order to get the body to use fat as energy. You might think you’ll just cut out carbs. But it’s hard to cut out all carbs – and some of them are hidden. You need to know which carbs are best to have in your meal planning.

You have to know which foods are keto friendly and which ones will slow the possibility of hitting ketosis. While the keto diet might seem simplistic and easy to follow, you don’t know everything that you need to know as a beginner.

keto diet meal plan
Some people just look up keto advice to follow online and think that’s sufficient. But the problem is that the majority of those plans aren’t focused on you or what it is that you need.

You may have a health issue, such as diabetes, that isn’t covered in that keto advice you found. Or you may end up getting advice that’s meant for someone who only has 10 pounds to lose, while you need to lose 100.

You need to know about calorie deficit and how to make sure that you don’t end up slowing down your metabolism to the point where losing weight is a struggle. You need to learn why some carbs are important and what role calories play on the keto diet.

Get Your Custom Keto Diet Plan

As an individual, you need an individual keto plan. That’s why you need one that’s customizable and will teach you about fat loss and how to eat in a carb restricted manner that’s based on your health, your needs and your goals – not someone else’s.

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