Since React is component-based, it’s also useful to understand how object-oriented programming works . This includes concepts like classes, constructor functions, inheritance, and more. OOP is a very popular programming paradigm, not just with React and JavaScript, but across many other popular programming languages like Java and C++. Most front-end development 1 1 Linux Versus Other Unix-Like Kernels Understanding the Linux Kernel, 3rd Edition teams use a web framework or library for their projects — and React is the most popular. In fact, about 43% of developers use React worldwide, while just 20% use Angular and 19% use Vue. That means there are likely more front-end React roles available now, and there will be a huge demand for web developers with React experience for the foreseeable future.

why learn react

Unlike most other front-end JavaScript frameworks, React does not render UI elements using the browser’s real DOM. React utilizes the ReactDOM library, which handles how the rendering update will happen. React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building dynamic and fast web applications. At its core, React is focused on dynamically rendering the user interface by manipulating the DOM based on the current state of different components. That means the UI updates automatically without requiring the user to refresh the page. I learned React for web first, then transitioned to React Native.

Then, we’ve converted the ECMAScript shorthand syntax for our function to the statement syntax, meaning we have a return statement and curly braces. We’ve updated our output to include count instead of the current time, and finally, we’ve added an increment and a decrement buttons with click handlers. Classes Near Me is a class finder and comparison tool created by Noble Desktop. Find and compare thousands of courses in design, coding, business, data, marketing, and more. It’s strongly recommended that you assign proper keys whenever you build dynamic lists. If you don’t have an appropriate key, you may want to consider restructuring your data so that you do.

React overtaking AngularJS

When the button is clicked, React will call the onClick event handler that is defined in Square’s render() method. Each Square will now receive a value prop that will either be ‘X’, ‘O’, or null for empty squares. Lifting state into a parent component is common when React components are refactored — let’s take this opportunity to try it out. In JavaScript classes, you need to always call super when defining the constructor of a subclass. All React component classes that have a constructor should start with a super call. As a next step, we want the Square component to “remember” that it got clicked, and fill it with an “X” mark.

why learn react

Whenever we use an autocomplete form there is a freeze of the cursor at times, mostly seen in React applications because of its rendering behavior. When we try to type “WAIT”, with every key event triggered, UI gets blocked on updating it. ReactJS isvery easy to learnand more focused than some other JavaScript frameworks.

What Is React?

That transition from React to React Native wasn’t as daunting as I had anticipated. The real challenges were the concepts of web vs. mobile that I found difficult, specifically things like styling, routing/navigating, setup, design, etc. That is to say, the way you design/build a website is very different from a mobile site. React is a front end JavaScript library used to build user interfaces like real-time search or navigation menus. React was first deployed in 2011 by its creator, Facebook engineer Jordan Walke.

When you get to the point of fetching data I would highly recommend that you learn a library called React Query. If you are wondering whether you need to learn class components in 2023, you do not. React is a JavaScript library and is often advertised Foreign Influence Campaigns NYUs Center for Social Media and Politics as being “just JavaScript.” This suggests that to really learn React you must know JavaScript first. The way I would characterize JavaScript’s relationship to React is–the better you know JavaScript, the better a React developer you will become.

As you begin to learn React, you will hear about this thing called a class component which is based around a normal JavaScript class. This is no longer necessary to learn as a React developer, but it can still benefit you to learn it. You can find the new React documentation at

The react community is not only huge and strong, but it is immensely active. The online presence of this community will help you in no time if you are ever stuck on anything. Learning a web framework or library is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner. Huge frameworks like Angular are not easy to learn because they are vast and have too many complex concepts. In the last two decades, front-end development technologies have grown immensely.

Everything from installing JavaScript packages to creating and running a React app requires the use of a CLI, so it’s important to learn how to work with various CLIs. Software developers use CLIs across nearly every programming language and type of role on a daily basis. It’s important to understand how package management works as well. Since the core of React is focused on the UI, most projects require many other libraries for additional functionality. Many development teams use npm or Yarn to install and manage these project dependencies. In fact, the npm registry is currently the largest software repository with over one million JavaScript packages to choose from.

It allows us to build user interfaces for websites and also for other applications like Mobile apps, Desktop apps, and VR apps. Now that we know what is React.js and how it can help web developers to create component-based GUI and frontend, let’s see LRU Cache in Python using OrderedDict a few more reasons why you should learn React in 2023. Along the way, I will also share the best courses to learn React.js in depth. Today, more and more web applications are being built using React, thus creating a high demand for React developers.

  • If the immutable object that is being referenced is different than the previous one, then the object has changed.
  • You can think of state as any data that might change in a React app.
  • Hackerrank conducted a survey in which 116,000 developers responded.
  • Besides learning the basics of the React library itself, it’s important to gain experience with some related libraries to become a proficient React front-end web developer.
  • This will help you develop muscle memory and a stronger understanding.

Redux is still a great library, but first look to a library with a simpler API such as Zustand. As the most popular JavaScript library for building frontend applications, there has never been a better year to learn React than 2023. ReactJS allows the user interface logic to couple with rendering logic, events, handling state changes, and more. This coupling is to encourage the practices of building self-contained components.

Efficiency requires writing self-contained pieces of code that work within the larger code set. And in my experience with JavaScript frameworks, nothing makes you work efficiently like React does. Since you’re literally already working with a bunch of components that communicate with each other, it’s easy to write utility functions or other services in this vein, too.

Easy to learn

Unlike many other frameworks, React does not need any additional language. Most of the popular front-end frameworks and libraries are written in JavaScript. React.js is one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript libraries . Not only is it popular, but also React is loved by professional web developers.

why learn react

You can think of state as referring to what’s the value of your JavaScript variables at any given time. That current state will determine what is ultimately rendered to the uses browser. The popularity of React has steadily increased ever since its introduction to the public in 2013. Become a full-stack developer and work on all parts of a web application, from its front-end appearance to its back-end data management. Companies need full-stack developers for their diversity of talents. Throughout this tutorial, we touched on React concepts including elements, components, props, and state.

React Is Well-Maintained

This ensures that if we “go back in time” and then make a new move from that point, we throw away all the “future” history that would now be incorrect. Keys do not need to be globally unique; they only need to be unique between components and their siblings. As we iterate through history array, step variable refers to the current history element value, and move refers to the current history element index. We are only interested in move here, hence step is not getting assigned to anything. Replace this.handleClick with this.props.onClick in Board’s renderSquare. Now we need to decide which component should own the history state.

In this phase, you will deal with a few expert-level topics. You need to know these concepts only when you’re working on more extensive application development using ReactJS. Handling forms is an essential requirement in web applications.