There are many gardening enthusiasts who have discovered that a patio in the front of their home is the perfect place to garden. It allows them to watch the children play without having to deal with the noisy activity outdoors. It allows them to have access to the outside whenever they wish.

The problem is that most homeowners don’t know how to build a patio that is functional for gardening. You can’t just simply put up a slope that leads to your vegetable patch or flower bed. Instead, you must plan your project from the beginning. You will need to make sure that you do everything from start to finish and that everything is properly installed before you open your patio doors.

For those who live in single-family homes, this generally means building a deck on the first floor. That means your first step is to get a rough plan drawn up so you know what type of patio you will have to work with. After you get a drawing, it is time to decide if you want the deck to be on grade or slope. Another consideration is whether you want a deck that is made from cedar or other wood. Wood is much more durable and it also looks better.

Once you have determined what kind of deck you will have to work with, it is time to get ready to build your deck. All of your planning will pay off when you get to cut down all the trees and use them for your new garden.

There are many types of planks to choose from and you will have to decide which ones are going to be the most attractive to you. Then you will have to decide where you will plant your gardening equipment. You want to make sure that you plant enough of your preferred garden vegetables to fill up the gap between the ends of your planks.

When it comes to planting plants, there are two choices: stick or stake planks. Stick planks are almost always more expensive than stakes and the plants will require more maintenance.

Now you can start digging the holes for your soil. If you plan on planting your own vegetables or flowers, you will need a lot of gravel. Remember to fill the holes with gravel to keep your drainage going.

Planting your plants will take some time, so be prepared. If you are planting for a party, it might be nice to plant vegetables and flowers ahead of time so that you can easily move them once you are ready to pull them out.

Planting vegetables is very easy; just start by digging a hole big enough for your plants to grow and cover the roots with gravel. Once your veggies are planted, water them as you would any other type of plant. Watch for cracks and burrs in the gravel to help prevent your veggies from rotting.

Flowers and herbs are a little trickier. For vegetables, only plant seedlings so that they don’t have the competition of the bigger plants for nutrients. You may want to wait until the first spring season before you plant your herb and flower plants.

Planters can look great from a distance and when you are close up you’ll be able to see every detail of their design. Having an effective planter for your gardening activities will make you more than happy and will allow you to see that your patio is more than just a decorative piece of furniture.