To eat more and weigh less sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But with a few simple facts and gaining a little knowledge, you may be able to turn the tables on your weight loss success. You may actually lose unwanted pounds without having that constant hungry feeling.

Eating more and weighing less begins with learning a new way of eating that promotes weight loss without feeling hungry. You are eating healthier to lose weight.

Nine out of ten people who try to lose weight fail to keep it off. Dieters know that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach, not to mention that growling sound that erupts when you lower your food intake.

The key to eating more and weigh less is figuring out the energy density of foods. Energy density foods are divided into four categories:

1. Very low energy-dense foods, which include most fruit and vegetables, skim milk, and broth-based soups.

2. Low energy-dense foods, which include cooked grains, cold cereal with skim milk, low-fat meats, and salads.

3. Medium energy-dense foods, which include meats, cheeses, salad dressings, and snack foods.

4. High energy-dense foods which include candy, chips, cookies, crackers, and nuts.

Our senses play an important role in being comfortable and satisfied with the amount of food we eat. A meal begins with our eyes and tiny portions make us feel we will never be full. While large portions of food make us believe that when we are done we will be satisfied and happy.

The smell and taste of food also add enjoyment to our meals. With larger amounts of food, we have more time to take in the sensory delights. More food takes longer to digest, which sends full-feeling messages to our brain. The more we eat, the more satisfied signals our brain receives.

If you want to eat more and weigh less, most of the foods you eat should come from low energy-dense foods (#2) and should be combined with fruit and vegetables from very low energy foods (#1).

You can combine medium energy-dense foods (#3) in small amounts, and you’ll have a full plate of food and won’t leave the table hungry.

The key to all of this is to train your senses by filling your plate full of the right kinds of food with fewer calories, which in turn means you can eat more and weigh less.