You have a wide array of shopping malls in Paris to choose from. Paris has an array of kitchenware, discount shopping, fashion shops, art stores, antique malls, department stores, jewelry shops, bookstores, and more. Paris has a selection of music stores, perfume and cosmetics, souvenir shops, China and Glassware stores, malls, Lingerie shops, and so forth. No matter what you like, Paris has something for you.

How to choose stores:

When choosing stores in Paris it is best to shop around. If you know what you want, then shop at the stores that sell your items. For instance, if you are searching for antiques, check our Paris’s Antique malls. If you plan to carry souvenirs home then shop at the stores where souvenirs are sold.

If you want, a variety visits Paris’s discount shopping malls, department stores, and so on. When searching for designers you may want to visit Paris’s popular Alain Figaret mall. The store has a wide array of clothing, including shirts and blouses for men and women. The stores have a selection of fabulous silk ties for men and scarves made of silk for the ladies. Alain also sells a selection of nightgowns, pajamas, underwear, bras, shirts, and more.

Across from the fabulous Paris Bristol Lodge is the wonderful boutique Anna Lowe’s. The store has a wide selection of discounted items. The store sells famous clothing, designed by well-known designers. The clothes may have been worn, but you are purchasing items worn by famous models. The store sells a collection of Galliano creations, Mugler, Valentino, and more. The items are sold used, but visitors say that the labels remain on the items, and the prices are within your means.

The fabulous Au Bon Mache, which is a low-budgeting mall in Paris. If you are searching for furniture, fashion designers, children’s clothes, housewares, or related items then visiting Mache is where you want to go.

Inside the mall, you will find one of Paris’s prevalent dining areas. Paris also presents the wonderful mall of Annexe des Createurs. The discount store should not fool you. This particular store has received high-media attention for its popularity in selling some top-of-the-line products. Annexe des Createurs offers discounts up to 70%, yet you will find a wide array of Meister fashions, McCartney, Westwood, and more. Most clothes are used is why the prices are affordable, yet the clothes were worn once by meticulous fashion faders. Therefore, what you are purchasing is the top-of-the-line garments perhaps worn by famous people once.

How do I choose flower shops in Paris?

If you are searching for flowers visit the outstanding Marche aux Fleurs. In English, it means the Market of Flowers. This market has attracted the interest of popular photographers and artists (In French: artistique) respectively.

The floral market sells a wide selection of perfumes, flowers, and so on. French Riviera from the Grasse factories is the designer of many perfumes sold at Marche aux Fleurs. At the store, you will find colorful Fleurs on a stylish display case.

How about flea markets?

Paris has flea markets. One of the popular flea markets in Paris includes the popular Marche (Market) aux Puces St-Quen de Clignancourt. (Paris Metro) Puces, St-Quen sums up the used a variety of products sold at Paris’s popular flea market.

Choosing Tasty Dishes in Paris Flea Markets:

The flea market also has a wide array of pizza stores, caf├ęs, restaurants, and so forth. At the eating areas, you can enjoy salads (French: Salade), sauces, and more. No matter what your tastes are, you will find it at the Paris Metro Flea Market. Before hopping a flight to Paris consider planning your activities, hotel stay, and so on.