It’s an eBay seller’s most frequently asked question: What should I sell? If you’ve got a hobby you’re passionate about, this question is a no-brainer. But if you’re not sure which items to list, take a look at the characteristics of eBay’s best-selling items: collectibles, limited lifetime goods, and seasonal items.

Limited lifetime goods are products that are meant to be used, not put on a shelf, and saved. Because of rapid changes in technology or fashion, these items will probably become obsolete before they lose functionality. They won’t last forever, but they can be put to good use in the meantime. These goods typically include electronics, clothing, and the latest and greatest installment of anything in a rapidly evolving market. Current promotional posters and products from popular movies and television shows also fall under this category.

To make the most money by selling limited lifetime goods on eBay, you have to act fast. Pre-release electronics and game titles are among eBay’s hottest sellers ever. Timing is important with these products; sell them before the competition does, but after there is a definite demand. This window of opportunity can be very slim, so watch the market carefully. End-of-cycle merchandise can be bought at low prices, but make sure there’s still enough demand to justify such a purchase.

Seasonal items include holiday decorations and cold- or hot-weather clothing. The key to making money with these items is to list them before the competition does. Start a month or two ahead of time and write a convincing auction title and item description that will convince shoppers to buy early from you.

Antiques and collectibles are a challenging market to break into due to the limit of both supply and demand. You might find a rare item that only a handful of people are interested in. Even then, one of those people would have to have enough expendable income to purchase the item. That can be difficult to coordinate, so allow yourself plenty of time to make a sale. Use other avenues of sale, too; eBay might not be enough to move some items.

The key to making a good living selling antiques and collectibles on eBay is to know your market. Buyers will be more likely to purchase from someone with expert knowledge. Customer service is also paramount. Remember, these high-ticket sales depend on quality over quantity. Buyers will not part with their cash if the seller ignores their questions or acts rudely. Cultivate a strong, well-deserved reputation for excellent service.

The best-selling items on eBay tend to fall into one of the three categories mentioned above. Sellers who pay attention to the fluctuations of the market, who time things right, and who don’t hesitate to snatch up a good deal for later resale, will likely find great success with their auctions.