Acne is a common skin disorder that usually appears on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back, and even buttocks of many people. But outside from this fact, acne may also appear on the butt, leading to the concept of butt acne or ‘butt-ne’.

Butt acne, just like facial acne, affects almost every individual. Of its total victims, many have found it depressing and embarrassing. It can be a sign of more severe acne especially when the lesions are large and painful. However, butt acne doesn’t have to control your life. Besides, some treatments for this problem are out there on the market. All you need to do now is to know your butt acne condition and understand what the treatments are for.

Butt acne is basically caused by the same factors as acne found on the face, neck, back, and chest. It may be a result of an excessive production of oils in the sebaceous glands, which are then attached to the hair follicle and produce sebum, which is actually an oily substance that will form a blemish if blocked on the follicle. According to certain studies, butt acne may also occur if the naturally occurring bacteria found on the skin multiply at an abnormal rate and clog the follicle. Butt acne may also be the result of severe irritation caused by the dead skin cells that are shedding to fast.

Knowing that butt is caused by the same factors as to that of acne found on the face, neck, chest, and back, the methods for treating butt acne is therefore similar to that of the others. One of the best steps to take first before opting for a certain butt acne treatment is to look closely at any form of irritant which may be causing the butt acne to appear. The clothing you are using may be an aggravator of butt acne. So, you better change laundry detergents or some other cleansing products for it may help to reduce and eliminate the condition.

If you have tried some typical treatments but none of them work, it is then very necessary that you consult with your doctor to identify the possible causes of the butt acne you have. Note that if the lesions are really too big and painful, an accurate and proper diagnosis must then be taken to eliminate it. It is also worth noting that butt acne can be reduced or removed with an amount of cleaning. Most of the acne patients today usually practice certain daily cleaning regimens knowing that it may aid to remove the dead skin cells and dirt particles that may trigger the formation and development of butt acne. Finally, avoid picking or squeezing the lesions since it may only cause infection and scarring, worsening the condition.