Do you get in from work and check your inbox to see if you have another admirer? If you do, you could be hooked on online dating. You crave the attention of another single, but deep down you don’t really want to settle down.

While you are dating someone offline, are you still checking your inbox when you get home? Are you always on the lookout for someone you feel will be better? These are classic signs of someone who is hooked on online dating.

Have you received a wink off of another single then canceled an already arranged date? This is generally done by singles that are active with more than one person at a time while dating online. They arrange a date with one single, but deep down they want to go out with the other single. Then they go out on the date and realize it may have been a mistake, and hope the other single is still interested.

Finding a fault with everyone is another sign of addiction. Always looking for someone to be perfect, but that will never happen, you don’t want it to. Remember, you’re addicted, and the next person you date will always be better. You can go back to your inbox, and see who is contacting you.

The enjoyment of going to a restaurant with someone different is a turn on for you. That continual initial attraction is far more appealing than a long term relationship ever will be. It’s lust that you’re after, and not love.

Splitting up comes easy to an online dating addict. Reconciliations are not even mentioned. Whatever the reason was for splitting up, they will be forgotten once back online and looking for more fish in the sea.

Seeing a relationship through takes character and strength. Any challenges should be talked about, and not just used as an excuse to split up, and move on. These obstacles will build the relationship, so it grows and becomes stronger.

The reason for starting online dating is to meet someone. Someone you can commit to. Not every relationship is going to work out, wanting it to will give it a much better chance of survival.